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Special Ops MH-47E
by  Steve
Special Ops MH-47E
Photographed in Amarillo, Texas - Chinook from 160th SOAR
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Voted! love your photos!


Thanks everyone for their kind comments - and keep voting!


Good one Steve! Great color!


This is an amazing shot. It really grabs my attention then draws you in to examine it further. All that and well I just enjoy looking at it. Well done Steve, this is great.


Been a big fan of Steve's work for some time. And while many photographers out there take great photos of aircraft, few do it with in a way that evokes story and emotion. This dusk shot of a Night-stalker bird, a case in point. Kudos to you, Steve!


A close friend alerted me to it's arrival and I showed up just before dawn to shoot this. The pilot all but admitted that this bird was used in the bin Laden raid.